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We are proud to help our clients achieve their desired spaces. From a remodel to a new construction, we approach each job with clean lines and dynamic floor plans. Form and function go hand in hand with your desires and our knowledge.

Residential Remodeling & Construction

We know takes to quality residential remodeling or construction. We’ll help you every step of project, always making sure that our work is done on time and within budget. brietling watch replica

Commercial Remodeling & Construction

Opening a Store, a Restaurant, an Office Space, a Hotel or Convention Center? TR&C, is the solution in Commercial Constructions, and we are excited to see your new space Open for Business.

Architectural Design

We have a better knowledge of architectural design through the understanding of construction and better construction through the understanding of design. Call us and see all your construction options.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

We at TR&C understand the principles for space use and have both creative vision and years of throught experience, we will work hand and hand with you to make kitchen or bathroom that serves your families needs. dobre repliki

Room Additions

A room addition will offer great benefits your family, at bedroom, office or at place to entertain, it will not only make the home much more comfortable but at the same time increase the value. swiss-watches.xyz

Outdoor Spaces

The joy and comfort that an outdoor space can bring for your family, has no limits, an outdoor kitchen, dining space, terrace or a patio is just a little of how much you can do for the enjoyment of your family, let us help!

We’ve Been Building For Nearly 30 years

We are professionals with years of experience and the latest resources in the industry to respond to the demands of customers. If you are looking for a company to trust your project, contac us for a quote.

Client Testimonials

We can’t say enough about the construction crew who built our house. Very professional, and they take great pride in their work. They would always get our input when there were questions, and helped us with some of the many decisions we had to make. Our home turned out better than we expected.


Chicago, West Suburbs

From start to finish, the project was filled with craftsmanship. With the Addition our new Kitchen ended up more warm and elegant than we even imagined it could be. Under your expert guidance, a longtime dream became reality. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. 


Chicago, IL

“They are very skilled and very professional in their work. The workers were polite and the supervisors really did a great job guiding me through the process. They also dealt with all the permits effectively. I’m so happy with my restaurant. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.


Arlington Heights, IL

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